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Boat and Yacht Maintenance

We can fully maintain all aspects of your boat on an annual basis, prepare her for your trips, run regular checks and inspections of her equipment and you can forget about anything except going out and enjoying her.

No matter how much or how little you wish to do yourself, you are safe in the knowledge that the agreed tasks will have been done on a regular basis, in the agreed timeframe and you need no longer think about it.

We can develop a customised package of either ongoing maintenance jobs or one off maintenance. This service ensures that these time consuming tasks are dealt with by our professional team and enables you to maximise your time in the water.

At Hayling Yacht we fully understand that for some people part of the pleasure of owning a boast is doing their own maintenance and is part of the whole “messing about in boats” experience. We are here and willing and able to support our customers with advice and guidance at every stage.

Our Winter Layup tip sheet is available in the office and provides a useful guide for the beginner, or a gentle reminder for the experienced sailor.

All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

Annual Boat maintenance
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Boat Repairs

For regular maintenance or boat repairs our team of skilled craftsmen can meet all your needs.


Osmosis Treatments

The complete water to water professional service with guaranteed timescales.


Marina Berths & Moorings

157 Half-tide Pontoon Berths & 70 full & Half-tide Swinging Moorings.


Boat Storage

Our complete package includes hard standing, under cover storage or berths afloat.