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Antifouling is the most common painting job that needs to be carried out by boat owners. It is vital to protect your boat using antifouling paint, as once fouling has a hold on your hull it will rapidly colonise the surface, making it difficult to remove.

Applying an antifouling paint will prevent the attachment of fouling organisms, such as barnacles, weeds and slime, to the hull of your boat - a fouled hull can cause serious problems, therefore prevention is much better than cure.

As soon as the boat has been slipped it is cleaned with a presssure washer to remove any weed and slime is removed before it is allowed to dry. If fouling has been allowed to build up on the boat it will need to be removed by scraping where necessary to make sure that the new anti-fouling starts from sound platform.

At Hayling Yacht our team of experienced craftsmen have many years experience in applying anti-fouling. We use only the best quality anti-fouling paints to ensure that your boat remains free of fouling for as long as possible.

All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

Antifouling systems
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Antifouling boat before treatment
Yacht needing Antifouling Hayling Yacht Company
Fouled yacht before treatment

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