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Hot Vac Hull Cure

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As one of the largest osmosis centres in the UK our years of experience have helped us to maintain the cutting edge of osmosis repair and technology.

In order to maintain that leading edge we have invested in five HOTVAC HULL CURE treatment systems, which has been featured in Practical Boat Owner and enables us to dry boats in guaranteed time scales.

The new system no longer uses the traditional methods of drying (air drying, gas heaters and infra red heaters) due to the fact that not all the acids, Glycol's and organic compounds were drawn to the surface. By using Hot Vac this problem is overcome.

The HotVac process treats boats by the thorough removal of absorbed water from affected hulls.

It also facilitates the removal of acids, glycols and other organic compounds that cause corrosion, glass to resin bond weakening, delamination and blistering.

Controlled heat is applied under high vacuum conditions directly to the surface of the boat's hull. This has the effect of significantly reducing the vaporisation temperatures of the moisture and other compounds that need to be removed from deep within the laminate of a GRP hull if a lasting cure is to be achieved.

Hot Vac Hull Cure system

Residues resulting from the breakdown of the polyester resin and PVA binders in the hull are bound to the composite by free glycols. Under HotVac conditions, they move to the surface by a process of activated diffusion prior to their subsequent vaporisation. HotVac heaters are held intimately in place against the boat's hull and apply heat very uniformly to a tolerance of ±1°C.

The HotVac system consists of several large pads, which are placed onto the hull once the gel coat has been removed and a controlled heat under high vacuum is applied. The heat penetrates into the laminate, mobilizing the volatile chemicals, which vaporize at a low temperature due to the reduction in pressure. These are sucked away into pipes attached to the pads.

We can now offer the most superior osmosis treatment available on the market and complete the work faster than ever, with a 33ft boat now drying in 5 days.

All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

Hot Vac Hull Cure system machine
Hot Vac Hull Cure system Hayling Yacht Company

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