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Boat and Yacht Insurance Repairs

We are well known to the major insurers as we have a long history of working together. We work closely with the insurer and owner to ensure the repairs are completed within the timescales and budget and to a high standard. We are happy to invoice the owner or the insurance company direct.

Whether your boat has been damaged by severe winds or a collision or any of a number of things that can go wrong we can help.

With a team of trained craftsmen and over 80 years experience and an ongoing investment programme in new technology and the latest product development we are uniquely placed to assist boat owners and insurers to ensure that repairs are completed on time, on budget and to a high professional standard.

At The Hayling Yacht Company we are happy to work with you and your surveyor on any aspect of work on your boat that you require. We will follow recommendations made by the surveyor and will be happy to arrange regular update meetings with both the boat owner and surveyor to discuss the ongoing work.

If you would like to talk to us about repairs or indeed maintenance to your boat either give us a call on 023 9246 3592 or complete our short enquiry form and we will call you. All estimates are free of charge and come with no obligation.

If you would like an estimate over the phone or by email, then please send us as many pictures of the damaged area as is necessary. Obviously it is always difficult to be exact as some damage may only be revealed on full investigation, however we will do our best to give you as much advice and guidance as possible.

All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

Insurance repairs to boats
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Insurance salvage repairs
Boat damage repairs
Boat rescue
boat insurance repairs

Boat Repairs

For regular maintenance or boat repairs our team of skilled craftsmen can meet all your needs.


Osmosis Treatments

The complete water to water professional service with guaranteed timescales.


Marina Berths & Moorings

157 Half-tide Pontoon Berths & 70 full & Half-tide Swinging Moorings.


Boat Storage

Our complete package includes hard standing, under cover storage or berths afloat.