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Marina Berths and Moorings

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If you're looking for an accessible marina on the Solent, then you need to talk to us. Along with our boat repairs and maintenance, the Hayling Yacht Company offers a large number of boat berths in Chichester Harbour, including 157 half-tide berths now available for craft up to 20m in length.

We also have available 70 half tide and deep water moorings.

We offer a complete package with full boatyard facilities available together with on-site craftsmen to work on your craft. Our experienced engineers are also able to repair both inboard and outboard diesel engines.

All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

Using marina pontoons we have a spacious area for single and multi-hull craft, with easy access to some of the UK's most popular sailing waters.

In spite of the area's popularity, we're committed to offering our boat berths in Chichester Harbour at very competitive prices, and our annual rates are some of the lowest in the area. We offer flexible payment options including monthly standing orders, and can bill from a single day's mooring at one of our marina pontoons, to a summer package or a 12 month permanent boat berth.

Chichester Harbour is an ideal gateway to the Solent and the stunning conservation areas surrounding it. From bird-watching and fishing to dinghy racing and sailing, our marina on the Solent is conveniently located for all the area's attractions.

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Boat Repairs

For regular maintenance or boat repairs our team of skilled craftsmen can meet all your needs.


Osmosis Treatments

The complete water to water professional service with guaranteed timescales.


Marina Berths & Moorings

157 Half-tide Pontoon Berths & 70 full & Half-tide Swinging Moorings.


Boat Storage

Our complete package includes hard standing, under cover storage or berths afloat.