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Osmosis Treatment

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Since the introduction of GRP vessels into the marketplace as long ago as the mid 1960's it has been clearly demonstrated that fibreglass boats are not the maintenance free vessels they were once claimed to be.

Osmosis quite simply is the physical process by which a liquid from a weaker medium is drawn through a semi-permeable membrane into a stronger liquid medium. So what does this mean and how does this relate to boat hull damage?

Osmosis blisters are not only a cosmetic problem. They are the visible sign that the hydrolysis of the polyester has affected at least one laminate layer. By the time the first blister shows, hydrolysed alkali products will have reduced the bond between fibre-glass and polyester deep in the laminate below the water line!

At Hayling Yacht we provide a professional Osmosis repair service aimed at quickly establishing the exact nature of the problems your boat is experiencing and designing a solution that will fully repair your boat within guaranteed timesclaes.

Our team of craftsmen are highly experienced in Osmosis repair and we provide a complete water to water service utilising the latest technologies and systems to ensure the best possible result and that your boat is out of the water for the shortest possible time.

All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

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Osmosis Treatments

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