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Osmosis Treatment

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From Water to Water With Guaranteed Timescales.

We provide a complete service that ensures eradication of the problems caused by Osmosis and a finished product that is guaranteed for 5 years. We utilise the latest proven techniques, equipment and materials to ensure that we deliver both on timescale and a quality long lasting finish.

The service we provide includes:

Placeholder image Delivery of craft to yard by owner
Placeholder image Unstep mast(s) if necessary
Placeholder image Slip
Placeholder image Peeling of gel coat 
Placeholder image Grit blasting to abraid surface prior to treatment 
Placeholder image Move to workshop
Placeholder image Drying of laminate to acceptable level with Hotvac Hull Cure Systems This ensures all the acids, Glycol's and organic compounds are drawn to the surface and enables us to provide guaranteed timescales.
Placeholder image Steam cleaning of laminate as necessary to ensure removal of any unwanted
Placeholder image One coat solvent free Gelshield Plus
Placeholder image Epoxy fillers to rebuild surface
Placeholder image Sanding
Placeholder image Three coats solvent free epoxy Gelshield Plus
Placeholder image One coat Gelshield 200
Placeholder image Two coats Copolymer Cruiser antifouling
Placeholder image Minimum further one week ashore
Placeholder image Move and block off
Placeholder image Re- launch when required
Placeholder image Restep mast(s) if necessary
Placeholder image Delivery of craft to customer at Hayling Yacht Co. Ltd.
Placeholder image Issue of 5 Year Guarantee


All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

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Osmosis Treatments

The complete water to water professional service with guaranteed timescales.


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