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Pontoon Prices

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Annual Rates 1.4.2022 - 31.03.2023
Placeholder image All craft will be charged on their overall length to the nearest 0.1 of a metre
Placeholder image Minimum chargeable length 6.10m
Placeholder image Lengths between 6.10m and 7.20m are charged on a graduated reduced scale
Placeholder image A 10% surcharge will be raised if the account is settled by monthly standing order.
Placeholder image Should you wish to relinquish your berth for any reason, one months notice is required. If the berth has been paid for in full, a refund will be given based on current summer and winter storage rated charged by Hayling Yacht Co Ltd.
Placeholder image Periods of less than 12 months will be charged at seasonal rates applicable.
Outside Boat Storage
Charge Rate inc VAT
Placeholder image £343.00 per metre per annum
Placeholder image £281.75 per metre for 7 month summer period (as available) (April, May, June, July, August, September, October)
Placeholder image £47.00 per metre per month in Summer Period (as available)
Placeholder image £12.65 per metre per week in Summer Period (as available)
Placeholder image £2.50 per metre per day in Summer Period (as available)
Placeholder image All Moorings are let in accordance with the Standard Berthing, Mooring And/Or Storage Ashore Licence for Vessel(s) at a Marina or Boatyard.
  (Sponsored jointly by The Yacht Harbour Association and The British Marine Federation)

The Terms of Business are Displayed on the Company Premises

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Boat Repairs

For regular maintenance or boat repairs our team of skilled craftsmen can meet all your needs.


Osmosis Treatments

The complete water to water professional service with guaranteed timescales.


Marina Berths & Moorings

157 Half-tide Pontoon Berths & 70 full & Half-tide Swinging Moorings.


Boat Storage

Our complete package includes hard standing, under cover storage or berths afloat.