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Teak Decking

Our experienced team of professional craftsmen are able to provide a complete teak decking service, from regular maintenance tips to repairs and if necessary complete replacement.

Like many things regular simple ongoing maintenance is a large part of keeping your teak deck in good condition.

We suggest that you avoid scrubbing your deck wherever possible as this can over time erode the surface of the softer grain and encourage more problems to start. Simple cleaning with a sponge, some detergent and a soft brush will keep your deck in good condition.

If your teak deck has missing plugs, loose planks or is cracked and worn with missing caulk our skilled craftsman can help rejuvenate your old deck, replace the caulk, fit missing or loose plugs and provide you with a sealed finish that you will proud of. Once the seams start leaking it is important that remedial work is carried out as soon as possible to avoid the necessity to replace the entire deck.

If it is necessary to replace the entire deck we can work with you to establish the tight solution for your needs and for your budget.

Our skilled team will provide a realistic estimate and agreed timescales to return your boat to the water.

If the decision is made to replace the teak deck we can source the finest affordable teak and materials.

Teak Deck Repairs

If you would like to talk to us about repairs or indeed maintenance to your boat either give us a call on 023 9246 3592 or complete our short enquiry form and we will call you. All estimates are free of charge and come with no obligation.

If you would like an estimate over the phone or by email, then please send us as many pictures of the damaged area as is necessary. Obviously it is always difficult to be exact as some damage may only be revealed on full investigation, however we will do our best to give you as much advice and guidance as possible.

Replacement teak decks works include:

  • We would start by building a decking plan to ensure that your new deck will fit correctly. Our craftsmen can template and lay your decking to any size or style of craft.
  • Stripping off the original deck.
  • Check that the underlying deck is in good condition with no sign of dampness or water ingress and repair as necessary.
  • Remove existing fittings as necessary.
  • Fill old screw holes and smooth surface as necessary. Preparation is the key to ensuring we achieve a great finished product.
  • Laying of new Teak Deck and caulking as necessary, re-instate removed fittings.
  • Final finishes.
  • All works are carried out in accordance with the BMF. (British Marine Federation) terms and conditions.

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    Teak Deck Repairs
    Teak Decking

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